January 2021 - Free Culture #1

By anniv, 12 January, 2021

Happy New Year and welcome to Open Anniversary's first edition of this newsletter!

The goal of Open Anniversary is to provide an innovative and inclusive platform for the community to remember, celebrate, and reimagine the open source movement.

Our first edition will cover several key anniversaries happening this month:

  • 20 years of Wikipedia
  • 20 years of Creative Commons
  • 20 years of Drupal

Interestingly enough, all these communities share one common birthday: January 15th, 2001. While many activities are planned for this month, these communities will be celebrating their anniversaries throughout the whole year.

Wikipedia's 20th Anniversary

Free Culture Timeline

The Free Culture timeline featuring Wikipedia and Creative Commons is now live at:


The Drupal community has also created their 20th Anniversary timeline at:


Free Culture Activities

Free Culture Books and Films

Free Culture Press Coverage